Family Strengthening Program is Building Stronger Families

Today’s blog is written by Chamlee Loscuito, Executive Director, Hope Center for Children.

Since 1974, Hope Center for Children has been making sure children are safe once they enter foster care. This important work continues, and we now go one step further to offer caregivers support as they take on the challenge of parenting.  In fact, among the 2,500 plus children we serve annually, 91% were reached through our work with families.

Our Family Strengthening Program began seven years ago, providing coaching for parents or caregivers in behavior management, communication techniques and crisis support.  Two evidence-based models are used in the program to make sure the coaching advice works.  One of these programs is the Positive Parenting Program or Triple P, which we offer one-on-one in the parent’s home or in a group setting.

The group support is a huge success, with parents much more confident after completing the ten sessions.  A recent graduate was a single mother of two teenagers.   She shares that the information and techniques helped her to be more patient with her teenagers, and to support and advocate for her daughter as she went through a really difficult bullying situation at school.  This mother says her home life is really different now because she has established routines that help her teens work as a team on home chores so that the chores don’t all fall on her after getting home from a long day at work. She says she’s learned to reward her teens with small things like getting ice cream together, and that this really motivates them while creating some needed family time together too.

Since graduating, this mother invites other moms to her home to regularly encourage each other. Wouldn’t we all be a little sharper with this sort of support?  For more information on the Family Strengthening Program, visit