Let’s Hear It for the Boys! Guyology is coming to Spartanburg!

Today’s blog is written by Dr. Melisa Holmes, Co-Founder of Girlology.

There’s a lot of chatter on the playground, and some of it is too awkward to ask about at home. Boys need accurate information about puberty, hygiene, and girls. And they need to hear it in a setting that is active, entertaining, and cringe-free.   Parents around the country are encouraged to start important conversations with their children about love, sex, and relationships. It matters because girls and boys today are inundated with sexualized images and messages that threaten their emotional and physical health on many levels. They need honest and meaningful conversations about their body, self-worth, health, sexuality, relationships, and their future.

Research confirms that kids prefer to hear about these topics from their parents, but parents are often unprepared or hesitant to start the dialogue. Fortunately, Girlology & Guyology can jumpstart the conversations and empower parents and kids to communicate more openly and honestly about these sensitive topics.

Girlology & Guyology are physician-developed, physician-led puberty and sexuality education platforms that offer a fresh, unique approach: a forum for kids and parents to explore questions and issues about sexual development and maturity in a fun and engaging way. These programs started 12 years ago in Charleston, and since then, have been shared with thousands of parent-child pairs at hospitals, schools, and churches nationwide.

On Sunday, May 21st, CONNECT for positive youth outcomes (initiative of the Mary Black Foundation) and Spartanburg Regional will sponsor Guyology’s puberty education program called, Just the Facts for 4th and 5th grade boys and a parent (or parent substitute). This program will provide medically accurate yet cringe-free information about boys’ puberty.

Boys and parents will walk away with more than just facts about changing bodies (boys and girls). They’ll also learn creative tactics for taking the awkward out of conversations at home, develop greater confidence facing the physical and emotional changes of puberty, and receive the Guyology book, Just the Facts which will provide additional details for continued discussions and learning long after the program.

To learn more about the Guyology program, visit their website: www.girlology.com. Pre-Registration is strongly recommended because seating is limited and programs tend to sell out quickly. To register visit, https://www.girlology.com/node/8046/220